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Acne Treatment Program

Say goodbye to acne, say hello to clear skin.

portrait of a womanAs we all know, acne does not go away over night and when severe enough, over-the-counter products cannot handle the outbreak. It might require advanced medication, skin resurfacing, hydration, and in some cases, LED treatment. Let us monitor your acne problem for 6 months to treat it and prevent it from breaking out. Our 6-month treatment comes with an array of our services to help treat the problem, some of these services include: Hydrafacial, LED, skin resurfacing, weekly cleansing, medication, and many more. Consultation is required as every case has its own unique problems. Don’t let acne take over our life, expose the real you.

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Total Acne Package $600.00

Doctor monitored treatments complete with medical grade skin products, prescriptions, and extended exfoliations.